Company’s profil

The Know How

The specialist in armchair design and room installation within the different segments

Our mission

To design, produce and install a range of armchairs aimed at fetting out rooms.

Our know-how

Cultural events room Conference room Education (amphitheatre)

Our commitment

ConceptD Delagrave benefits from external points of view (architects, interior designers, stylists, etc…) to design new forms and ensure the development of its products.
In addition to its in-house design o˛ce and the latest development in CAD tools, it guarantees the technical monitoring of all its products by working with its technical partners (Centre Technique du Bois (technical center for wood) and AFNOR) to ensure that all of its new products comply with
the standards in force.

Needs assessment

Our technical team is on hand to huide you in drawing up your project (choice of solution and budget).


Appointment of the project team. Technical synthesis of the project. Validation of the ÿnalised project and the schedule by the project manager and the contractor.


Scheduling and launching of the opera-tion.
Manufacturing and pre-assembly in workshop.
Quality control prior to dispatching.


Procurement on-site according to schedule.
Installation of the armchairs assured by our technicians.
Acceptance in the presence of the project manager and the contractor.

My Concept

Service Specialist of the tailored armchair

Customisable armchairs, combining performance and innovation and adapted to usage. Armchairs that are designed, developped, manufactured and installed to meet your requirements.


ConceptD is able to design, and then develop for each specifc project, a suitable armchair meeting the aesthetic and size requirements of the assembly as a whole, enabling consistent, harmonious creations.

Specific solutions upon demand will underline the aesthetic aspect and the styling aspect, taking account of your specifcations.

3D study phase

We accompany you right from the design phase, working closely to analyse your needs, taking into account all restrictions linked to the safety standards in force, in order to provide optimum sustainability.


The ConceptD design office produces drawings and 3D images enabling the desired creation to be viewed in the minutest of the detail.

After validation of the 3D study phase, constituting a realistic study of the armchair, we work in-house to produce the prototype that will enable the final modifications to be applied (backrest height, comfort, ergonomics, etc…) with a view to the final production launch.